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What really goes on inside the moving trailer? March 14, 2016

You see your furniture rolling up the ramp of the moving trailer and then wonder, what are they doing in there? At Infinity Moving our guys are working hard inside to make sure your belongings are properly wrapped up and tied down so they make it to your new place safely. Here’s what you’ll see… View Article

What hourly rate movers don’t want you to know March 8, 2016

Moving companies with good reputations will work as quickly and efficiently as they can on their own, but there are a few tricks that you can do to make your hourly move go even faster to save you time and money. 1. Stack your boxes Stack boxes up to three or four high putting larger,… View Article

What kind of moving box should I buy? March 1, 2016

Moving boxes can be purchased at your local storage facility, Home Depot or Lowes, shipping supply store or there are stores out there that specifically sell just moving/shipping boxes (like Ecobox in Austin, TX).  If you can find one of these specialty stores then you might be able to purchase used or new boxes from…. View Article

Why a morning move is better February 20, 2016

If you’ve never used a moving company before then you might want to take a glance at a few of the reasons why you might consider booking your move in the morning instead of a later time slot.  It could save you valuable time and money on moving day, and who couldn’t use more of… View Article

Guess when the cheapest month to move is February 9, 2016

The summer for moving companies is comparable to the holidays for retailers. It is nonstop from May to August. Children are out of school which provides the perfect time for families to transition them to their new home. College students are moving on or off campus and high school students are moving into their first… View Article

5 Tips for Unpacking and Settling Into Your New Home January 20, 2016

Unpacking and deciding where all your belongings are going to be placed can be a long, stressful process. Having an unpacking strategy can help you keep everything organized and will keep you less overwhelmed about the work. If you’re looking for ways to minimize this stress we have a handful of suggestions that will make… View Article

Infinity Moving Helps Plant 1200 Trees at Zilker Disc Golf Course February 19, 2015

(Ben Ragland with a little helper) On February 11th owners Ben and Rachel Ragland of Infinity Moving worked with 64 other volunteers to help TreeFolks plant 1200 trees at the Zilker Park disc golf course.  25 different species of trees were selected for their adaptability to different environments and drought tolerance so they could be grown… View Article

What to do with used packing paper February 4, 2015

Moving is done and you’re all unpacked, but now what do you do with all that used packing paper?  Don’t throw it out!  Check out these tips instead. Use it as compost Begin by using a paper shredder or hand tear the paper into thin strips (this allows oxygen to move around in the bin)…. View Article

Infinity Moving Plants Over 100 Trees in Bastrop January 29, 2015

For our 10 year anniversary, Infinity Moving set a goal for 2015 to plant 100 trees in Austin and the surrounding areas as a way to give back and say thank you to our local community.  We’re happy to announce we actually exceeded that goal in one day!  On January 24th the owners of Infinity… View Article

10 Year Anniversary Goal January 23, 2015

For over a decade now, Infinity Moving has been moving thousands of pieces of furniture and boxes during long hot summers and cold windy winters for clients in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. We started off with one truck and trailer that served us well for years. However, a couple of years ago we… View Article