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Packing Your Breakables and Valuables

To make sure all of your belongings arrive at your new home in the the same condition you left them in, packing can be the longest task during a move. After you gather the necessary boxes and packing materials, it's time to get started! Packing up your breakables should garner some extra attention. So, here's a little insight to how you can keep these items safe during your move.

Quick Guide to Packing Your Valuables & Fragile Items

First, consider using heavy duty cardboard boxes for your breakables. This will make the chances of the bottom falling out very slim, which will be one less thing you'll have to worry about. Most of your breakables are located in the kitchen, so start there. Packing up your dishes will probably take the most time. If possible, try to use boxes with dividers for extra protection, but if you decide not to there are other ways to ensure the safety of your dishes. Take a dish and wrap it in newspaper or bubble wrap, and if its fragile or thin, wrap it in two layers. A common mistake is stacking dishes on top of each other. Placing dishes vertically in the box will eliminate some of the pressure and decrease the chances of them breaking. [Tip: For glass or porcelain items, don't use newspaper because the print can come off and sometimes leave a permanent stain]. When packing up the box, make sure to put the heaviest items at the bottom. Put enough padding around each item so there is no space for them to move around in the box. After you finish a box, lightly shake it and if you hear any clinking, you did not put enough padding. So, open the box back up and make sure to fix the problem so nothing breaks during your move. Make sure to label every box 'fragile' that contains breakables to notify the movers to take extra care when transporting these. When it comes to valuables such as expensive china and heirlooms, consider transporting them yourself. Wrap them with the care you did your breakables and make sure every box is appropriately packed.If you have too many boxes to take with you on moving day and you're not traveling too far, make a special trip to transport these items to your new home. If you opt to not pack these items yourself, the professionals at Infinity Moving are happy to do the hard work for you. Call the eco-friendly movers today.
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