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What hourly rate movers don't want you to know


Moving companies with good reputations will work as quickly and efficiently as they can on their own, but there are a few tricks that you can do to make your hourly move go even faster to save you time and money.

1. Stack your boxes

Stack boxes up to three or four high putting larger, heavier boxes on bottom with lighter, smaller boxes on top. Remember to always put book boxes on the bottom (if you put them on top they'll crush whatever is underneath them).

2. Have everything in one area

Have everything except larger pieces that you can't move on your own in one area. The garage is usually ideal since it allows quick access for the movers to load everything into the truck. It also helps the movers make quicker decisions on what to move next since they will be able to see it all at one time.

3. Have everything disassembled

Unhook your washer and dryer, unmount your tv from the wall, remove mirrors from dressers and disassemble any items that need it.

4. Clear a path

Make sure your front entryway is clear and open for the movers so they have room to maneuver larger items to fit them through the doorway. Also try to reserve the parking space closest to your apartment by parking your car there the night before.

5. Don't Move During Rush Hour

Consider what traffic will be like on moving day. If you're moving during rush hour you could pay dearly. A lot of movers keep the clock running while they're driving so try to move in the morning or on the weekend if possible. Looking for an hourly rate mover in the Austin, TX area? Give Infinity Moving a call 512-628-0200.
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