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Making Your Move Less Stressful

going_green Whether you're moving across the country or just a few towns over, moving to a new home can be overwhelming. Hiring a moving company can eliminate much of the stress, but following these tips can make your move even smoother.

Plan Ahead for Moving Company's Arrival

Once you've chosen a moving company that fits your needs, it's time to start preparing. Start stocking up on cardboard boxes as soon as possible, by finding retailers who give them away for free. Make sure you also have plenty of packaging tape and wrap before you start putting belongings in boxes. Make sure to label every box so the movers know where to place them in the new home. Creating a floor plan is a way to ensure boxes are placed in the right rooms, which can save you the hassle of moving them yourself later. Also, get yourself a checklist of everything you're packing so you can make sure everything arrives at your new home.

Transfer and Cancel Existing Services

Make sure your internet, cable, and utilities are all set to be turned off the day you leave and your accounts are cancelled. It is also a smart idea to set up these services at your new home in advance so they will be ready to use when you arrive. Transferring prescriptions involves calling doctors to send your prescriptions elsewhere. This process could take a few days, so plan accordingly. To be safe, try to refill your prescription before you leave in case there are issues transferring your information. If you use a regional bank, you'll have to set up a different account in your new location. By doing so beforehand, you won't be forced to pay ATM fees from banks you don't have accounts with.

Prepare Old Home for Next Residents

During the days leading up to the move, try not to do any grocery shopping as many food items will have to be thrown out. Clear out your refrigerator and 24-48 hours prior to move out, defrost it.  Make sure to unplug any other appliances in your home. Right before you're set to leave, clean the house and take out all the trash, leaving it an inviting place for new residents to come to.

Prepare for Late Truck Arrival

No matter how reliable a moving company may be, traffic, accidents, and other events can take place on the road delaying a trucks arrival. Packing necessities such as  clothes, important paperwork, medications, and a first aid kit will keep you prepared. Also consider packing some tools to get a head start on some of the projects that may need to be done in your new home. Moving can be a daunting task, but with the right steps you can eliminate much of the stress and enjoy your new home. Planning to move? Call the moving professionals at Infinity Moving. They're local Austin movers committed to customer satisfaction and making sure your move goes a smooth as possible.
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