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Moving Out for College Students

moving-into-dorm As the end of the school year is quickly approaching, college students will soon begin packing up their dorm rooms and apartments and return home for the summer. Moving for college students can be especially challenging as they usually have tight budgets and a limited amount of time between finals and their move out date. So, we've compiled a list for college students to follow in order to save them time and money, while staying green during their move.

Start Early

Even if you live in a cramped dorm room, you will be surprised how much stuff you actually have to pack up and move. Packing up all your memories from the past year can bring back nostalgic moments and if you wait to the last minute, you may find yourself unable to finish in time. So, if possible start more than a month in advance so you're not rushing at the end of the school year. Also, start thinking about how you are going to get your belongings back home or to your next apartment.

Get Rid of Stuff

Part with anything that doesn't need to make it into your next apartment. This can also be a way to make a little bit of extra cash. Try selling your books online or your old clothes to resale shops, or even have a yard sale with your roommates. You can also donate any extra unwanted items to friends, relatives, or charity; there are many people out there who would love to take some of you belongings off of your hands. Items such as old notebooks and papers, and other unusable items can be trashed or recycled. Every item you transport costs money, so try to get rid of as much as possible before the move.

Reuse Packing Materials

For college students, it is so easy to share packing materials if you know someone moving a couple days before you. Sharing packing paper and bubble wrap is a great way to save money and resources. Purchasing plastic boxes can be a more cost efficient way to transport your belongings. These can be reused hundreds of times and can be rented if you don't see the need to purchase them. Instead of just using packing paper and bubble wrap, use t-shirts, blankets, and other items to help protect them. This minimizes the amount of packing materials you have to purchase and also consolidates your belongings into less boxes.

Do Your Research

Although hiring a moving company is an extra expense, it can minimize the amount of stress that comes with any move. Movers can eliminate you having to lug all your stuff down from your apartment and saves your multiple trips to your new place. Do your research before hiring a mover. Get estimates to compare prices and scroll through reviews. Infinity Moving is locally owned, eco-friendly movers, and provides the best service for any college student preparing for a move.
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