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Moving With Kids: 6 Things To Consider

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6 Things To Consider When Moving With Children

  1. Have a Talk. Organize a family meeting to officially give your kids the news of the big move. Sitting your children down and addressing their concerns or questions will help them understand why they are moving and make it easier for them to handle moving away. Make sure to be explicit about the timeline, explaining to them where they are moving to and when you are moving. Eliminating any questions about moving will make the transition more comfortable for your kids. During this family chat, allow your kids to express any feelings (good or bad) about moving, this will give them the chance to vent some feelings.
  2. Get the Kids Involved. If you're able to, take your children to visit the new house/ location. Visiting the new place may get them excited and it will get them ready by knowing what to expect from the move. If you're moving long-distance, share any photos or floor plans with your kids. Let them in on any information you know about the neighborhood and/or schools they will be attending. Prepare them!
  3. Let Them Map Out Their New Room. Once you've shown them any pictures or you've visited the new house with your kids, let them assert some control over the move by letting them pick their rooms. Not only do they get to choose their new room, but let them choose paint swatches and decide where to put their bed or toys.
  4. Pack a Special Box. Help your children begin packing and get them fired up for the move by packing a special box with them. Have your kids decorate a "special" box just for their favorite things from their old room. Have them label the box with their name, get stickers and markers to make this a fun activity to bond with your children.
  5. Throw a Going Away Party. Invite your neighbors, friends, family and your kids' classmates from school. It's important to give your children the chance to say goodbye to their friends and anyone they've grown attached to. This will make the move easier for your child as they prepare for a new environment with new people. Try holding this goodbye party at your child's favorite spot in the neighborhood, like a local park or  their favorite restaurant. Be sure to take pictures during this party and make a "Memory Book" with your kids.
  6. Say Goodbye to Your Home on Moving Day. Once you're all packed up and ready to leave the old house, take some time to commemorate your time in the house. Take some time with your family to share your favorite memories of living in that house. This will be a great opportunity to share with your family and for you guys to let go before starting a new chapter in your lives.
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