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10 Year Anniversary Goal

For over a decade now, Infinity Moving has been moving thousands of pieces of furniture and boxes during long hot summers and cold windy winters for clients in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. We started off with one truck and trailer that served us well for years. However, a couple of years ago we decided to grow to two full crews to keep up with the demand of our growing city and customer base. Our trucks can be found 7 days a week moving goods from homes, apartments and offices from a couple blocks away, to across the state to Dallas, Houston or even Corpus Christi. That's a lot miles, a lot of gas and a lot of oil changes. Because of the impact our business has on the environment, during 2015 we'd like to give back to Austin by planting 100 trees this year in the local community. We hope the trees we plant will grow big, beautiful and tall to provide us with clean air, to help fix and prevent soil erosion, and to provide shade for our families and wildlife to enjoy for years to come. We have scheduled at least one day a month during 2015 to help us meet this goal. Here's our quarterly calendar that shows where we'll be if you'd like to join us on this endeavor. We'll have weekly reminders of our upcoming events and we'll post photos and info afterward so you can see first hand the commitment we have towards achieving this goal. Last year we made the move towards becoming more eco-friendly by buying our crew organic shirts, using veggie based ink for our business cards, buying green products for packing supplies and installing recycling bins on our trucks. Infinity Moving is excited to go beyond that in 2015 as we move towards making a greener tomorrow into a greener today. We look forward to being there for you on your next move!
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