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What to do with used packing paper

Moving is done and you're all unpacked, but now what do you do with all that used packing paper?  Don't throw it out!  Check out these tips instead.

Use it as compost

Begin by using a paper shredder or hand tear the paper into thin strips (this allows oxygen to move around in the bin). Newsprint paper is considered a “brown” composting material that adds carbon energy that microbes need to thrive. Add equal amounts of “green” material to make nitrogen proteins for the microbes to eat and multiply. Add some water, turn the pile every couple days and voila! In a couple of weeks or months you'll have homemade soil conditioner and organic fertilizer for your veggie or flower garden.

Block weeds with it

Using whole sheets of packing paper, lay down a triple layer around the base of each plant leaving a 3” border around the stems to allow water in. Cover the paper with a mixture of grass clippings, leaves and soil. The paper blocks weed seedlings from sprouting through and slowly breaks down over the season so you have instant compost with a slight amount of nutrients for your plants and soil.

Recycle it

Use the same receptacle you would use for newspapers to recycle the packing paper. Or better yet, if you plan on moving again ball the papers up and store them in a large box for your next move. Looking to move with a green Austin, TX moving company? Give Infinity Moving a call today, 512-628-0200.
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