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Infinity Moving Helps Plant 1200 Trees at Zilker Disc Golf Course

(Ben Ragland with a little helper)

On February 11th owners Ben and Rachel Ragland of Infinity Moving worked with 64 other volunteers to help TreeFolks plant 1200 trees at the Zilker Park disc golf course.  25 different species of trees were selected for their adaptability to different environments and drought tolerance so they could be grown without irrigation.  TreeFolks estimates at least 10% of the original 1200 trees to survive.  This kind of mass planting is made to mimic natures way of producing large amounts of seeds with only some of them actually taking root and growing.

(Rachel Ragland)

The foot traffic at the course takes out the vegetation and then when it rains, since there is no vegetation to hold the soil it washes away.  The trees will help reduce the erosion as well as provide shade for course users.  Another addition was the use of berms to help catch the rain runoff from coming down the hillside and straight into the creek.  The berms are little hills that are about a foot high and are not to be mowed so they have a natural appearance as well the functionality of soaking in the water.

(all of the flags mark where a tree was planted)

These trees will create a wonderful shady place to relax and will provide many benefits for the urban environment which surrounds the park.  We encourage you to visit the planting area periodically to keep an eye on the newly planted trees and watch them grow!

If you’re looking for a locally owned,  eco-friendly moving company please call Infinity Moving at 512-628-0200 or get a free quote online at  Have a great day!

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