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5 Tips for Unpacking and Settling Into Your New Home

Family unpacking boxes in new home smiling Unpacking and deciding where all your belongings are going to be placed can be a long, stressful process. Having an unpacking strategy can help you keep everything organized and will keep you less overwhelmed about the work. If you're looking for ways to minimize this stress we have a handful of suggestions that will make unpacking a little easier.

1. Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company to help out with the packing and unpacking processes will save you a lot of hassle. They have the right manpower and tools that aid in the process. Although it will cost you a bit extra in the end, it will simplify your experience tremendously.

2. Clean

Before you begin unpacking boxes, take some time to clean your new home. By doing so you'll have less cleaning to do once all the unpacking is finished.

3. Pace Yourself

Don't open every box at once, or you'll never figure out where to begin.  Start with the boxes that contain the essential items for the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Once you've completed this, move on to the smaller items. Unpack and finish decorating one room before moving on to the next.

4. Check Your Inventory

Hopefully during your packing phase, you created an inventory to keep track of everything you transported during the move. While unpacking, make sure everything on your inventory has made it to the new home to make sure nothing was lost in transit.

5. Put Everything Away

Having multiple open boxes at once or leaving things sitting on the floor, creates clutter. When unpacking boxes, open one and put everything in its desired place. Also, after you have finished putting away everything in a box, remove the box from that room to further free it from clutter. Even if you plan on saving the boxes, put them all in one spot, out of the way. Planning a move? Contact the green movers at Infinity Moving, who can make your packing and unpacking processes a whole lot easier.
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