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What really goes on inside the moving trailer?

You see your furniture rolling up the ramp of the moving trailer and then wonder, what are they doing in there? At Infinity Moving our guys are working hard inside to make sure your belongings are properly wrapped up and tied down so they make it to your new place safely. Here's what you'll see if you look inside our trailers:


And lots of them. Inside our moving trailer we have over five dozen heavy duty quilted moving blankets that we use to wrap around all furniture that needs protection. We also use them to make “clothing burritos” where we lay down a blanket and (leaving your clothes on hangers) make a criss cross pile of clothing that we then wrap like a burrito to take to the truck. This saves you from having to buy expensive wardrobe boxes that can run about $10-$15 each and sometimes only hold about 3-4ft of clothing. Plus we hang the clothes right back up for you at your new place!

Rubber Bands

We have small, medium and large size rubber bands that we use to keep doors and drawers shut on furniture like dressers and cabinets. And instead of using tape to keep blankets wrapped on furniture we try to use the rubber bands because they're reusable so we lessen the amount of waste on each move.

E-Track & Tie Downs

Along the inside walls of the trailer you'll see long rows of black metal that we call E-Track. The E-Track has horizontal slots that run down the length of it that we use to hook the ends of straps and bungees to. Having long rows of E-Track allows us to securely tie down individual pieces and sections of items to minimize shifting during transit. Ready to check out the insides of our trailers? Give us a call today 512-628-0200 to see the pros at Infinity Moving in action!
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