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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving Into Your New Home

beautiful-house If you're on the search for a new home, you know it can be difficult to find the perfect place for you and your family. You see house after house and need to decide on number of rooms, schools, locations, etc.  It can be overwhelming for new homeowners and it's easy to forget to ask some important questions about the house. Here's a quick look into 5 of the most important questions to ask when searching for a new house.

5 Things to Consider Before Moving

1. Does It Fit My Budget?

Of course the first thing that should be on your mind when looking for a new home is how much it costs. But where some new homeowners get caught up is in overlooking how much it will cost to maintain the house, including mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance, fixes, etc. Make sure to ask these questions to your the realtor or owner so you can accurately plan and budget for your new home.

2. Is It A Fixer-Upper?

When buying your first house, you must always consider the age of the house. Not only do old houses come with a lot of things to be fixed, but you might have to learn how to live with older appliances, fixtures, foundations and plumbing. When you start house-hunting, ensure that you know the condition of the plumbing and all appliances. Also, learn how to work them, so you know what you're dealing with! Living in an old house can be nice, as you have a warm, lived-in environment to call your own. Just to make your life easier, learn everything you can about your old house before you make it your own.

3. How's the Neighborhood?

Sometimes it's hard to walk away from a beautiful home because the location is bad, but it could save you many headaches. Always learn as much as you can about the neighborhood and location of where you plan to move. If you have kids, research the schools in the neighborhood. Choose the location that's best for you, there will be pretty homes in almost every neighborhood, so remember location is more important than aesthetics!

4. What's Left Over?

Did the previous owners take or leave anything? Before moving in, ask questions about the previous owners to know if they made any changes to the home or why they left. This could be an early detector to help your decision of whether to move in or not. What the previous owners were like? Did they make any changes to the house? Why did they move? Did they have kids? Those are examples of good questions to ask while you're on the hunt for a home.

5. Have The Locks Been Changed?

Seemingly this is an obvious question, but many will be surprised how often the locks have not been changed on a house in between owners and/or tenants. To be on the safe side, be sure to switch the exterior locks on your house before moving in. Sometimes a realtor or the owner may offer to exchange the locks at no cost, if you request they be changed. Most likely they just want to close a deal. Need help moving in? Call Infinity Moving, they're environmentally conscious,  Austin movers that have years of experience!
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